Are politicians’ promises worth anything?

Politicians promise things all the time. Are these promises worth anything? Do they have any value?

Actually YES; these promises do matter.

EVEN WHEN POLITICIANS LIE. Which they do with disturbing frequency.

Let me explain.

Conservative leadership candidates are finally making public statements about where they stand on issues – great news!

We’ve heard statements on rail blockades, carbon taxation, gay pride parades etc.

But where are the public statements on other issues which directly affect Canadian families? Issues like C-16, gender theory, or other social issues like abortion, euthanasia?

Do candidates who chose to remain silent on these issues deserve our support?

Why are public statements important?

Public statements on issues are the very best thing next to action on an issue. When a politician makes a public statement, and a promise to action, they are telling you what they believe and what they intend to do. Public statements force accountability from politicians.

How can you hold a candidate accountable who chooses not to make public statements and just quietly tells you “trust me” in a private meeting?

You can’t.

And what about politicians who make statements and promises, then go and break them?

It happens. Probably the most recent and infamous example is Doug Ford and his flip-flop on repealing the Wynne sex-ed and teaching gender theory in our schools.

Ford made a public promise, and then broke his promise. He lied.

This is now part of Ford’s record. He lied to the parents and to the voters. So now, we can hold Ford to account. Also, we can publicly identify who is part of Ford’s team, and hold them to account as well. This accountability is valuable, as you shall see in the coming weeks, and is one of the crucial pieces in how democracy is supposed to work!

So now we are at it again, in this CPC leadership contest. The candidates need to be asked the hard questions. They should also make concrete public statements on these issues if they want your support. Why give your support so freely, with nothing in return?

So when you ask me “Tanya, why aren't you yet supporting so and so candidate”, please understand it is because certain candidates have made ZERO public statements on certain questions. They have NO voting record on an issue, or record of any action. In the coming days and weeks, I shall give examples.

I cannot, in good conscience, support a candidate who doesn’t have the courage to actually say the things which need to be said, and do the things which need to be done. We see courageous political leaders all over the world going against the mainstream and forcing issues and change. Why should Canada have anything less? Don’t we deserve a strong and courageous leader?

So the next time you speak to a leadership candidate who hasn’t (yet?) spoken out on these hard issues, ask them to have the courage and just do it.

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