Thank you for joining Tanya's fight to bring common sense and parental rights to Ontario. Now that Tanya is recognized by Elections Ontario as a candidate for the leadership race, donations for the campaign are tax deductible.

To donate, you must be a resident of Ontario and the maximum donation is $1,222 per person. We cannot accept donations without your full name and mailing address. Donations from companies or organizations cannot be accepted. Contributions above $100 will be published by Elections Ontario.

By contributing you certify this contribution is made by you from your own personal funds and you will not be reimbursed for it by any other source.

To donate by CHEQUE:

  1. Please write a cheque payable to: “Tanya Granic Allen Campaign”
  2. Download and complete this form.
  3. Mail the form and cheque to:

     Tanya Granic Allen Campaign
     PO Box 40514
     Six Points Plaza
     Etobicoke ON  M9B 6K8

Thank you very much for your support!