SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY! Boycott this “convention”

What about this Ontario PC “Convention” in February?

It is often said that history repeats itself. Well with Doug Ford, he seems really keen on copying every bonehead move of Patrick Brown. First it was meddling with nominations, then it was flip-flopping on the sex-ed repeal, and now? Now Doug Ford and his PC executive are holding another sham “event” under the guise of a “policy convention”.

Many of you attended the REAL policy convention in November 2018 as delegates. Policy can only be voted on by elected delegates, following the principle that every riding has equal representation. This convention will have ZERO elected delegates. Therefore, this February convention isn’t a real policy convention- it’s only a PC party Doug Ford pep rally! 

Patrick Brown tried to pull this trick back in November 2017, held a big rally, and called it a “policy convention”, which it wasn’t. It was a smack in the face to grassroots members of the PC party then, just as this rally in February is a smack in the face now.

I really wish Doug Ford and his executive wouldn’t copy Patrick Brown’s tactics. In any case, this will come back to haunt them, perhaps as soon as the next official PC convention. Time for a new PC Executive!

I’ll have more to say on why I think the PC Party is doing this fake convention, but in the meantime I have one message:

SAVE YOUR TIME & MONEY! Boycott this “convention”. It’s not real. It’s not constitutional. Just stay away.

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