So what are the “hard questions”?

I mentioned to you previously that as candidates for the Conservative leadership reach out to me for support and advice, I “vet” them by asking the “hard questions”.

So what are these hard questions? And why am I asking them?

I ask questions surrounding many social and democratic issues. I feel that these issues actually impact families’ day to day life the most. I ask these questions because I want to see if these candidates are bowing to political correctness, or if they actually have the strength to declare themselves on issues which matter. Will they cower away? Or will they stand boldly by their public words so that we can hold them to their promises.

Here are some of the democratic and social questions- the hard questions- I ask the candidates:

  1. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Regardless of your answer, please explain why.
  2. Will you publicly commit to repealing C-16, the gender identity “compelled speech” bill?
  3. Will you oppose any and all candidate appointments, and, instead, support open and democratic local nomination meetings?
  4. Will you allow – and publicly encourage - parliamentary debates and votes on life and family issues?
  5. Will you publicly oppose the expansion of assisted suicide?
  6. Will you support conscience rights for healthcare workers?
  7. Will you publicly oppose S202- the so-called “conversion therapy” bill - which removes the rights of parents to seek counselling for their gender dysphoric children? (Incredibly, this bill even prevents children from seeking help themselves before committing to hormone injection and sex-change surgery).
  8. Will you demand the recognition of parental rights in all relevant legislation brought forward?
  9. Will you bow down to the demands of political correctness within our own party and march in the Gay Pride Parades? Will you publicly state your position?

As I said, as this juncture, out of the several candidates with whom I’ve spoken, only two have provided reasons for support based on their answers to these questions: Richard Décarie and Derek Sloan, MP.

I encourage you to print out and sign their candidate nomination form. You must be a registered CPC party member to do so. See the "P.S" for more details.



As other candidates declare themselves and/or better their positions, I will include them too. If a candidate calls you, I encourage you to ask them the above questions. You need to know where they stand. We all do.

(If you haven’t yet joined the CPC, but still want to sign a candidate's nomination form, it is not too late. Please join TODAY and then let me know you joined. If you join today, you can sign a candidate's nomination form and your signature will become valid in exactly 21 days, which is ahead of the final deadline for the 3000 signatures of March 25. So please JOIN TODAY.)


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  • Slavica Vukmanovic
    commented 2021-05-20 11:02:46 -0400
    I would add the following questions.
    1. Did you oppose lockdowns and if not why not? Was the science provided to you to justify lockdowns? The science has not been provided to the people even in court when demanded even now. Obviously it was not provided to you. How do you justify breaching our constitution without valid science to justify it?
    2. Will you submit a bill that will give Canadians the freedom to choose the medical treatment of their choice including natural health and the coverage of Naturopaths and other Natural health doctors?
    3. Will you introduce a bill to include the teaching of our constitution and bill of rights in schools?
    4. Will you introduce a bill that will give the people the power to elect judges?
    5. Will you introduce a bill that will give the people the power over our justice system?
    6. Will you introduce a bill that will give the people the power over our media and for media to be financed only by the people?
    7. Will you introduce a bill that will give the people the power over our police and for them to serve and protect us the people not to serve our government and to breach their oath of the constitution and our bill of rights? The same applies to our police, how could they breach our constitution without the valid science provided to them to justify breaching our constitution.